Tailwheel Endorsement in the Stearman = $1,875 (~5 hrs)*


  Tailwheel Endorsement in the Stearman with Introductory Aerobatic Lesson Special = $1,999 (~5.5hrs) *


  Stearman Specific Checkout = $2,249 (~6hrs) *  **


  Stearman Specific Checkout with Introductory Aerobatic Lesson Special = $2,399 (~6.5hrs) *  **

  Spin/Unusual Attitude Recovery Training in the Stearman $450/hr


  Basic Aerobatics Course in the Stearman = $2,249 (~5hrs)*


  Come to you for Stearman Checkout or Ferry Flights = $500/flying day ($300/travel day) + expenses.


~ Checkout times are approximate & reflect the average amount of training required. Any additional training required beyond 1 hour over the average will be charged at a discounted hourly rate of $350/hr until completion.

* All package prices include ground instruction, pre-flight, & post-flight briefings.

** Stearman specific checkouts include detailed, guided walk-arounds, air work such as stalls & slow flight, and a thorough introduction to the mechanics and performance of the aircraft. It also includes tailwheel & high performance logbook endorsements, and/or biennial flight review, if needed.

All pilots receive a Certificate of Training souvenir upon completion of any of the above courses!

"I have never felt as accomplished and exhilarated as a pilot as I did when I finished my Stearman checkout!"

- Chris Winston (Private Pilot & Legacy Biplane Stearman Checkout Graduate)

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