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Stearman Biplane ready to take off



This discovery flying lesson will be your introduction to flying in a biplane like a fledgling WWII cadet! We will demonstrate the four fundamentals of flight while you enjoy the open cockpit experience.  This lesson does not contain aerobatic maneuvers such as loops or rolls, but we can make it playful with wing-overs and steep turns (nothing upside down) if you so desire. On the other hand, if you prefer straight and level , we are happy to do that too! Get your hands on the controls, if you wish, as all flight time is loggable instruction! 



This training mission will include basic flight instruction demonstrating the four fundamentals of flight as we climb for altitude and get some distance from the busy Charlotte Airport airspace. We will climb to 3,000ft and you'll be taught all about how we perform basic aerobatic maneuvers such as loops & rolls, as taught during primary flight training in WWII. This is NOT an extreme aerobatic experience. The maneuvers can be repeated or stopped at any time. Get your hands on the controls, if you wish, as all flight time is loggable flight instruction!



This flight is the best bang for your buck! We will fly for an hour and you’ll experience a little of each of the other flights we offer; We will start with the basics and ease you into demonstrating the more advanced maneuvers before we turn the Stearman upside down with loops and rolls, if you wish.  We will tailor this lesson to your liking, so if you want to receive extra basic instruction and skip the aerobatics, we can do that or vice-versa, This is NOT an extreme aerobatic experience, All flight time is loggable instruction!



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Looking to get a tailwheel endorsement and want to do it in something unique? Thinking of buying a Stearman and need a checkout? Did you buy a Stearman but your insurance company says you need training, or an endorsement? We specialize in Stearman and tailwheel flight training! Whether you just want to get a tailwheel endorsement with bragging rights, or you're in the market for a Stearman, we are passionate about achieving your goals!

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At Legacy Biplane LLC, we are so very thankful for the men and women who serve our country and our community, and we are eager to give back! All active military, veterans, police, fire, and EMS personnel receive a 10% discount with proper ID. THANK YOU!

Stearman biplane with smoke effects
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